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Permanent Cosmetics

What is Permanent Cosmetics 

Permanent cosmetic makeup, also known as cosmetic tattooing, involves specialized techniques such as "micropigmentation," "micropigment implantation," or "dermagraphics." This process entails depositing colored pigment into the upper reticular layer of the dermis.

The field of permanent makeup is continually advancing, and at SNPC, we pride ourselves on staying abreast of the latest developments. We offer cutting-edge techniques in both permanent makeup application and training. Our services encompass a range of options, including natural hair stroke eyebrow technique, eyeliner, full lip tint, and lip liner, all customized to suit your individual preferences. Additionally, we provide services such as breast pigmentation and scar camouflage.

Permanent Cosmetics Explanation of Services (effective 3/2022)
Recent Clients: 4 years have elapsed since your previous visit.
Check Up: 4 -– 8 weeks after your initial procedure

Touch Up: 8 weeks — 24 months from original procedure
Extended: 24 months — 4 years from original procedure


  • Prior to commencing, we'll delve into your preferences regarding the shape and color. Your facial bone structure and contours will heavily influence the final appearance of your brows.

  • Once you've given the green light to your chosen shape, we meticulously select a color that harmonizes with your natural skin tone and hair color.

  • It's worth noting that during permanent cosmetic procedures, eyebrow hair need not be removed; in fact, it enhances the overall look.

  • Our preferred technique, often employed for achieving the most natural-looking brows, is the hair stroke method, also known as hair simulation, microblading, etching, embroidery, or soft tap. This technique mimics the appearance of your own eyebrow hairs, creating a feathered effect that many find exceptionally natural. While this method is favored by most for its realistic finish, we also offer clients the option of nano and powdered brows.

Eyebrow New: $550 | AD Pricing $700
Eyebrow Check Up: $50 | AD Pricing $50

Eyebrow Touch UP: $200 | AD Pricing $250
Eyebrow Extended:
 $400 | AD Pricing $500
Eyebrow OUTSIDE Touch UP: 
$450 | AD Pricing $550

Powder|Combo Brow New: $650 | AD Pricing $750
Powder|Combo Brow Check Up: $50 | AD Pricing $50
Powder Brow|Combo Brow Touch Up: $350 | AD Pricing $400

Powder|Combo Brow Extended: $500 | AD Pricing $600
Powder|Combo OUTSIDE Touch UP: 
$550 | AD Pricing $650



  • Permanent eyeliner is resistant to smudging and rubbing, rendering it perfect for individuals leading busy, active lifestyles or those dealing with alopecia, allergies, poor eyesight, or physical disabilities.

  • A topical anesthetic is applied to minimize any potential discomfort. We proceed with the procedure only after both So Natural and the client have approved the desired shape and color. Minimal amounts of pigment are delicately applied along the lash line to accentuate the lashes. Typically, the entire process lasts approximately one hour.

Eyeliner New: $550 | AD Pricing $700
Eyeliner Check Up: $50 | AD Pricing $50

Eyeliner Touch Up: $200 | AD Pricing $250
Eyeliner Extended: $400 | AD Pricing $500
Eyeliner OUTSIDE Touch UP: 
$450 | AD Pricing $550


  • The lip filler extends beyond the natural lip contour to provide a subtle definition and added fullness. We'll consult with you regarding the preferred shape and color, suggesting you bring along your everyday lipstick to ensure a perfect match to your comfort.

  • Soft pink remains a favored choice for those aiming for a natural appearance, while opting for a darker shade can create a more dramatic effect.

  • To minimize any potential discomfort, we apply a topical anesthetic. You have full control over your procedure as the client. We proceed only after both the technician and you, the client, have approved the chosen shape and color.

  • VICKI'S Lip Prep & Heal Serum is highly recommend, but not required, to use Vicki's Lip Prep & Heal 2x a day for 3 weeks prior to your lip procedure. Please be sure to STOP use of the product 48 hours prior to your procedure. AFTER your lip procedure please resume use of the product on your 3rd week of healing. This product is $55 and can be purchased at our location.

  • Full Lip Tint and Lip Liner Can Improve Lip Definition, Symmetry, Loss of color from the aging process and Thin Lips!

Full Lip/Lip Liner with Blend New: $850 | AD Pricing $1000
Full Lip/Lip Lin
er with Blend Check Up:· $150 | AD Pricing $250
Full Lip/Lip Liner with Blend Touch Up: $400 | AD Pricing $500
Full Lip/Lip Liner with Blend Extended: $400 | AD Pricing $600
Full Lip/Lip Liner with Blend OUTSIDE Touch - Up:
 $575 | AD Pricing $850

Lip Liner  New: $750 | AD Pricing $900
Lip Liner  Check Up: $100 | AD Pricing $175
Lip Liner  Touch UP $450 | AD Pricing $500
Lip Liner Extended: $475 | AD Pricing $700


Camouflage | Freckles | Scalp Micropigmentation: prices begin at $200 per hour
Beauty Mark: $65
Small Tattoo’s: $150

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