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"Saying that my experience with So Natural was “good” is a gross understatement.  My experience was PHENOMENOL (at the very least) and more along the lines of life changing.  For over a decade, I have struggled to accept a unique cosmetic flaw and finally decided to seek a resolution.  After performing careful research over the course of 2+ years, I stumbled upon the world of permanent make up and cosmetics.  For me, this was the perfect (and most logical solution) for my problem specifically.  The real (and daunting) task now was finding skilled and experienced professionals to provide the service. 


After calling a couple of places prior to So Natural, I finally got in contact with The Artist Formerly Known as “Rachel”.  Also a resident of Maryland Heights, they were conveniently located just minutes from my home.  At this point, it seems as if all the stars are aligning, however, the task of performing due diligence (on both sides) still remains.  They went on to impress me further by making sure I was truly a good candidate for this process, and went above and beyond to make sure I had all the information possible prior to making this decision.  After all was said and done, I was beyond impressed with the outcome.  I have truly walked into a new chapter of my life thanks to the empathy, skill, services, and professionalism provided by these wonderful ladies!




You have certainly taken your skills to the next level, and you can definitely add this to your arsenal of talents.  I encourage you to remain confident in yourself and your ability as an artist.  You truly have the power (and talent) to change lives and I will just leave that there for you to mull over lol.  Without speaking to candidly, for what we needed to achieve, you proved to be surgical with a tattoo gun and more than proficient with your craft.  I am forever indebted to you and from the bottom of my heart…Thank you.




KUDOS to you ma’am for your impressive business acumen, but most importantly your ability to connect with the “personal” side of business.  I understand that this was nerve racking for you, but I appreciate you taking a chance on me!  Not only did you ensure I was fully informed on your stance on the matter (and the owner’s), but you were also a wealth of knowledge and experience managing the entire situation from start to finish.  Again, this was an extremely humbling experience for me and as you probably could tell …CLEARLY I was just as nervous as you were (to make matters worse that tray was really cold J).  Nevertheless, you remained professional and consistent throughout the process.  So Natural is “SO LUCKY” to have someone as savvy, intelligent, and empathetic as you managing their business.


In closing, I am overjoyed with my results and would highly recommend these ladies to anyone.  They have worked extremely hard (over 30 years) to build a solid reputation and it is well deserved.  I think I was most impressed with their decision to take a chance on me or in Megan’s words “because they wanted to try and help me”.  Anyone reading please understand, it is not about the money with this business, they truly value customer satisfaction any day over a simple sale.  As a person with a business degree that works in a high end corporate setting, if anyone understands business…it is me.  That said, often times businesses lose sight of the “human” aspect of business (which is a vital part).  Without people, you have no customers, employees etc. so, we can’t lose sight of that.  That is exactly what Megan as a manager understands greatly as she otherwise would have respectfully opted out of providing services to me.  Owner’s if you are reading this, I commend you for having such great insight and judgment to trust people like Megan and Rachel with your business.  Please do not be upset with them, as I can be pretty convincing and persuasive.  What I can say is, as a business that offers certain services already, you guys have the potential to branch into a very niche, but necessary and profitable market.  That’s to say as long as you keep great employees on board like Megan and Rachel.


Thank you for reading and Thank you So Natural for the new lease on life." -  Eddington

"Do not waste your time searching....Go Here!! This place is wonderful. I have wanted to have my eyebrows micro-bladed for years... but I kept hesitating. I was weary of the cost, would it hurt, and most importantly... would they look how I wanted them to! You see... I am a bit of a perfectionist. I worried that whoever did my eyebrows would become irritated with me as I would point out the tiniest little changes. After reading reviews I finally bit the bullet and scheduled an appointment with Angela. It could not have gone better!! She spent time during the initial consultation to get a grasp for what shape I wanted. On the day of the procedure.... she may have been more of a perfectionist than me!! She made sure that everything was exactly how we wanted it. She uses a cream to cut down on the pain and just puts you at ease throughout the whole process, she has a great personality and is so easy to talk to. We chatted like we had known each other for years!! Angela truly takes pride in her work and will not settle for less than perfect. All of the staff I interacted with were equally friendly and inviting. I highly recommend this place and I will continue to go here for my cosmetic needs." - Conard

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Permanent cosmetic makeup is cosmetic tattooing. The specialized techniques used for permanent
cosmetics are often referred to as “micropigmentation”, “micropigment implantation” or “dermagraphics”.
The cosmetic implantation technique deposits colored pigment into the upper reticular layer of the dermis.

Permanent makeup is a constantly evolving industry, SNPC takes pride in keeping current and offering you the newest and finest techniques in permanent makeup application and training. Our services features full face makeup including natural hair stroke eyebrow technique, eyeliner, full lip tint and lip liner tailored
to your personal preferences. We also offer breast pigmentation and scar camouflage.

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