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Our apprenticeship program / beginner course will teach you the application of permanent eyebrow and eyeliner procedures. Additional training for lip procedures is available once the beginner training is completed. You will receive a certificate of completion for the appropriate training. Training will include lecture and practical instruction. Additionally, you will be required to complete a total of 300 hours and 50 completed supervised procedures in order to obtain your Missouri tattoo license.

The charge for the apprenticeships & training course is $10,000. This includes a tattoo machine, pigments, a training manual and enough needles and supplies to get you through the training. 

During your time at So Natural Institute of Permanent Cosmetics the follow topics will be covered, Facts about Tattooing & PMU, Tattoo Devices, Tattoo Needle Information, Safe Practices and Technique for Tattooing, Skin Anatomy, Eye Anatomy, Muscles of the Face, Choosing the Right Client, Pigment (Skin) Testing and tattooing, Client History Files, Document tattoo work with Photography, Identifying Skin Undertones, Working with Fitzpatrick IV-VI Skin Types, Traditional Color Theories, Selecting colorants, Basic morphology and placement, All about Procures, Pain and Anesthesia, The healing process, Solar care and prevention of color fading, Medical conditions and tattooing, MRI and tattooing, Psychology and Tattooing, The art of Camouflage, Areola & Nipple Repigmentation, Esthetics' for Tattooing and Principles of infection control for the tattoo industry.

Thirty Years of Experience and Knowledge! Its Time to Learn from the Best!

**If you will be practicing in Missouri you will need a total of 300 hours and 50 completed supervised procedures in order to obtain your Missouri tattoo license. You will be responsible for checking the licensing requirements if you will be practicing in a state other than Missouri. It is your responsibility to check your state laws before coming to class.** -- updated 8/30/21


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This is an advanced course, a portfolio of your work and a valid State of Missouri Tattoo License

This course is a weekend only and will be scheduled individually. You are required to provide your own models and a total of four models are required. The charge for this weekend training course is $4800.

Continuing Education Courses 

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So Natural Institute of Permanent Cosmetics Online courses are for continuing education in permanent makeup and the tattoo industry offer a valuable opportunity for professionals to enhance their skills and stay updated with the latest trends and techniques in the field. These courses provide a convenient and flexible way for individuals to further their knowledge without disrupting their work schedules.

By enrolling in online courses, this allows a focus on just permanent makeup and the tattoo industry, professionals can delve into advanced topics, learn about new technologies, and refine their techniques under the guidance of experienced instructors. This continuous learning not only helps professionals stay competitive in the industry but also ensures that they provide the best possible service to their clients.

Moreover, our online courses in these areas often cover important aspects such as safety practices, industry regulations, color theory, and client consultation, empowering professionals to deliver high-quality results while prioritizing the well-being of their clients. Overall, our online continuing education courses play a crucial role in elevating the standards of practice in the permanent makeup and tattoo industry.

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As a constantly evolving industry moves forward, SoNatural strives to stay current and offering you
the most up to date information available. Our training curriculum is ever evolving as the industry changes.
Our programs offer the student the most comprehensive hands-on training in the industry.




Owner, Certified Permanent Cosmetic Practitioner, Trainer Apprenticed under Cheri Durbin, Angela Durbin completed her permanent cosmetics training in 1996.She quickly gained recognition among her colleagues in the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) for her artistic flair and signature trait – perfectionism with professionalism. She was the youngest to ever serve on the SPCP board of directors from 2004 to 2006 and has been an active member since 1999. She is also called upon as a subject matter expert (SME) as recognized by the (SPCP). Thousands of permanent cosmetic procedures and hundreds of clients later, Angela stands as one of the best in the industry through continuous education within the permanent cosmetic industry. Angela’s expertise and guidance easily create a learning environment in which our students succeed.

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