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Tattoo Equipment

Application for Apprenticeship 

This is a beginner course only which includes learning the application of permanent eyebrow and eyeliner procedures. In this course you will learn the following areas:  Facts about Tattooing & PMU, Tattoo Devices, Tattoo Needle Information, Safe Practices and Technique for Tattooing,
Skin Anatomy, Eye Anatomy, Muscles of the Face, Choosing the Right Client, Pigment (Skin) Testing and tattooing, Client History Files,
Document tattoo work with Photography, Identifying Skin  Undertones, Working with Fitzpatrick IV-VI Skin Types, Traditional Color Theories, Selecting colorants, Basic morphology and placement, All about Procures, Pain and Anesthesia, The healing process, Solar care and
prevention of color fading, Medical conditions and tattooing, MRI and tattooing, Psychology and Tattooing, The art of Camouflage,
Areola & Nipple Repigmentation, Esthetics for Tattooing, Principles of infection control for the tattoo industry. 

Additional training for lip procedures is available once the beginner training is completed. You will receive a certificate of completion for the appropriate training. Training will include lecture and practical instruction. The charge for the apprenticeships & training course is $10,000 the fee will includes a tattoo machine, two pigments, a training manual and enough needles and supplies to get you through the training.


· SNCP - Institute is not responsible for models that do not show or cancel their appointments. If this should happen and you do not have all models completed you will need to reschedule your practical applications. 

· Student will perform the following procedures: (25) eyeliner procedures · (25) eyebrows procedures. A total of fifty supervised procedures. A total of 300 hours will be completed per the state of Missouri, with a minimum of 50 hours working with the support staff. If the student receives any tips, those tips will be compensated in the form of a 1099. 

· Optional lip training procedures are available once basic training is completed. The cost for supervised training is an additional $4800 for 4 supervised lip procedures.  Any additional lip training is $400 for each model regardless who covers this fee.  

· Bloodborne Pathogens training, First Aid, Hepatitis B shot and CPR.
· You MUST HAVE an IPad Pro with Procreate OR Microsoft Surface with Adobe Fresco
· Pre-Class Course Work
· The balance of your tuition is due on or before the first day of your training.

Training will include lecture and practical instruction. You are also responsible for reading the manual and complete the at home study portion of this course. In addition, you are required to complete the bloodborne pathogens (BBP) class prior to training. You  can  complete  the  class  online  by  going

Click on education and follow the link to BBP class and follow the instructions.   If  you do not have Internet access you can call the toll free number at 866-333-1092 to find out where can complete the class.  Class schedules are coordinated between the So Natural and the student. In addition,  we  will  be  covering  sterilization,  set-up,  marketing,  and  most  importantly,  how  to  do  safe procedures.  (Please review  the  enclosed  general  overview  curriculum  for  more  information.)  It  is also highly suggested that you begin your hepatitis B shots prior to training. This is required by the St. Louis County health department.

· A box of Nitrite gloves in your size.
· A box of Disposable Face Masks in your size.
· You MUST HAVE an IPad Pro with Procreate OR Microsoft Surface with Adobe Fresco
· Magnifying Glasses / Magnified Readers in your comfort level. 
· Training Manual (this will be provided 14 days prior to your registered class)
· Pre-Class Certifications Required for this course
· Pre-Class Course Work


· To arrive 15 minutes prior to your start time. No Exceptions. 
· Hair pulled back and secured. 
· Black Scrubs 
· A front snap BLACK scrub jacket is strongly recommended, but not required. 


**If you will be practicing in Missouri you will need a total of 300 hours and 50 completed supervised procedures in order to obtain your Missouri tattoo license. You will be responsible for checking the licensing requirements if you will be practicing in a state other than Missouri. It is your responsibility to check your state laws before coming to class.** -- updated 8/30/21

Application for Apprenticeship 

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Once your application had been reviewed. We will call you for an interview. 

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Tattoo Equipment


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