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Loyalty Program

For over 30 years so many of you have been beyond loyal to us! We can't thank you enough!
In the last several months we have developed an amazing loyalty program as a thank you!
Each service and product we offer has a Loyalty Point Value, listed below is our Redemption Table for points and value.
In an effort to better serve our clients we will provide points to anyone that has had a service with us 2021. 
** Your points do not go bad, so you can bank them for as long as you would like. **

If you are unsure of how many points you currently have,
please give our office a call 314.786.5434, shoot us a text 314.200.5434 or an email.

Points               Value                                
200            ·          Free Eyebrow Wax
200            ·          Free Bikini Wax
300            ·          $15.00 to use on any service
500            ·          Free 30 Minute Massage
500            ·          Free Dermaplane
500            ·          Free 30 Minute Facial
600            ·          $25.00 to use on any service
1000           ·          FREE PROCELL Face treatment
1000           ·          FREE Classic Lash Full Set
1500           ·          FREE Hybrid lash full set
3000           ·          FREE PMU Eyebrow Touch Up
3000           ·          FREE PMU EYELINER Touch Up
3000           ·          $75.00 to use on any service
4000           ·          FREE PMU Lip Liner Touch Up
4000           ·          FREE VI PEEL/Facial Treatment
4000           ·          FREE 60 minute Facial & 60 Massage 
5000           ·          $100.00 to use on any service

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